What should I do before hiring my first employee?

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What Should I Do Before Hiring My First Employee?

hire first employeeCongratulations! You are at the tipping point of growth and success!  While this is an exciting time for you, it can also be stressful.  Up until now, you have been in control of every aspect of your business from how the phone is answered, to how the end product is delivered, but in order to grow – you need a team.

There are a few things you need to examine before writing that help wanted ad.  First – you need a growth strategy.  A good hire always results in company growth.  Write out two job descriptions – one for you, and one for your new hire.  What will your responsibilities be?  What jobs will you be delegating to your new hire?  How much time do those tasks require? Do you need them full time or part time?  How will you utilize that time to champion growth for the company?  What additional resources are needed to support company growth?  (more equipment, products, inventory)

Second, write out a list of standard operating procedures.  How exactly do you onboard a new client?  Send out bills?  Answer correspondence and send out proposals?  Having a set of S.O.P.’s will help you train your new employee quickly and get them up to speed so they spend less time being underutilized while on your payroll.

Lastly, create an onboarding process for your new employee.  Set the standard of expectations, excellence, and acceleration from day one.  Have your legal ducks in a row by securing the correct forms and documents from the federal and state government.  Consult with an attorney or HR Consultant to ensure your documentation is complete and accurate. The last thing you need is a legal headache by not starting out on the right foot.

Hiring your first employee is a huge step, but can be greatly rewarding if done correctly.  Take the time to do due diligence, set expectations, and share your vision and mission of your business with your new employee.  Finally, remember to make the process fun, enjoyable and rewarding – after all, you are now part of a team – your team!

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