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Business Coaching

A FREE discovery session is your opportunity to have a no-obligation discussion about which direction would be best for you to take.  That said - this Discovery Call is NOT a sales pitch. The purpose of the call is to discover where you are now and identify the next steps you need to take for you and your business. At the end of the call, I will offer resources and recommendations for you to consider.

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Business Owner Coaching

Down-to-Earth Coaching That Takes You to the Top! Engage with a business coach who has both business acumen and common sense. I've walked in your shoes, I have faced the decisions you are making, and have felt the pressures of both overwhelm and success. My coaching programs are designed to help you shift your focus from day-to-day tasks to big-picture thinking and organizational growth. Coaching programs are customizable to fit your needs. Contact me to get the conversation started.

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Crew Leader Coaching/Training

Empower your leaders by giving them the tools, resources, and skills they need to succeed! Many Operations Managers, Crew Leaders and Team Leaders are often promoted from within the organization based on job knowledge, track-record, and seniority. That doesn't always make them prepared to be strong leaders. Crew Leader Coaching programs will help new leaders learn how to give and constructive feedback and directions, ask effective questions and communicate with confidence. Coaching programs are offered to individuals and leadership teams. Contact Priscilla to arrange a free consultation.

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Mapping Sessions

Make a PLAN ...

Let's dig into your business tactics and develop ones that build the business you desire! The Business Strategy Mapping Session includes an online self-paced prep-course, a two-hour strategy session, and a personalized action plan to get you going in the right direction, right away!

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Adopt a PROCESS ...

Customer Journey Maps help you ensure you are providing a clear roadmap to get someone from prospect to customer to raving fan of your business.  The Customer Journey Mapping Session includes an online self-paced prep-course, a two-hour strategy session, and a personalized action plan that places you in front of the right clients, at the right place, at the right time, with the right message.

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Company Compass

Mapping Session

3 Payments of $499.00

Engage PEOPLE ...

You may have heard the saying "Culture eats strategy for breakfast." As a leader, tempting as it is to roll out new standard operating procedures, policies and guidelines to your team; without first mapping out your company culture, you will soon discover no one is following. This program includes an online self-study prep-course, as well as three, two-hour strategy sessions to map out your vision, mission, and core values so you and your team can work together at a high-performance level of excellence.  Contact me to schedule.

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Workshops & Presentations

Business Leadership Development Workshops - book Priscilla Hansen Mahoney to facilitate your next workshop

Business & Leadership

Development Workshops

Blazing Trails Coaching offers a variety of workshops that are designed for industry-related professionals on topics ranging from leadership to business strategy, time-management, personal development, communication and team building.

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Business and Leadership Presentations and Keynotes - hire Priscilla Hansen Mahoney for your next conference

Business & Leadership

Presentations and Keynotes

Looking for a professional conference speaker for your next Service Industry Conference or Event? I will keep your audience of any size entertained, laughing and learning! I offer keynote presentations on a range of topics such as confident leadership, finding your focus, and adventures in business building. As an award-winning public speaker, you can rest assured I will connect with your audience, gain their confidence and trust, and create a learning experience like no other. Contact me to book me for your next event!

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Business Leadership Retreats - hire Priscilla Hansen Mahoney as a professional facilitator to guide your organizations conversations

Business & Leadership

Retreats & Onsite Training

Whether it's a conference room creative session, an in-field training, or an offsite training retreat, having a professional facilitator to guide conversations and distinguish what's in the way will save valuable time, energy, and resources. I will move the conversation forward so your company leaders can say what they need to say, identify what's getting in the way of progress, and co-create an action plan to ensure desired outcomes are achieved on deadline. Want your crews to strengthen communication and camaraderie? Contact me for a free consultation!

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Through coaching, you can expect:

Increased Growth and Profitability

Taking time to work on your business will result in a deeper understanding of the extent and importance of business issues.  Develop financial acumen, awareness, and knowledge that will help you manage your finances, expenses, and cash-flow like a pro.

A Partner in Success

Decision making is one of the most important tasks a business leader does, but yet we are not taught this crucial life skill.  Without an objective sounding board and point of view, making big decisions (equipment purchases, client acquisitions, hiring and firing) can be isolating and frustrating.  You do not have to go it alone.  I have your back.

More Time and Energy

Save time and energy learning how to empower and delegate to others and encourage autonomy throughout your organization.  Regain time spent being reactive and putting out fires, and utilize time and energy on higher-priority matters.  Maybe even take that long-awaited vacation!

Increased Employee Engagement and Happiness

According to a 2015 Gallup Poll, "Managers account for up to 70% of the variance in engagement. Coaching is proven to improve managerial skills including communication, trust-building, problem-solving and feedback - all of which help improve retention rates.

Real Results

The programs at Blazing Trails Coaching are goal and growth-oriented.  By rolling up our sleeves and getting to work, coaching with Blazing Trails Coaching will lead to increased sales, personal and professional growth and breakthroughs, and positive shifts in your brand, culture, and organization.

Customer Attraction and Satisfaction

No more chasing customers, undercutting prices, or "feast or famine" results from inconsistent marketing and messaging.  Create an effective sales & marketing strategy that brings a steady flow of ideal clients who are in need of your services, pay what you are worth, and evangelize your business.

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