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Priscilla Hansen Mahoney Business Leadership Guide Coach Consultant Maine

Hello, I'm Priscilla Hansen Mahoney

Glad to see you "on the trail!" I am a business coach and strategic adviser for growth stage businesses and their leadership teams. My focus is to help you create systems and strategies that enable you to replicate success and up-level your business. Whether you are a team of one hundred, or a team of one - having a plan, being prepared, and being profitable is the key to success - and I help you tame the wilds of being a business owner.

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Priscilla worked with our company to facilitate our discovery of our core values and to design a comprehensive training program for our front-line staff. With Priscilla's help, we were able to find our seven core values and engage the entire staff in defining and adopting them. With training, we have been left with a series of training modules as well as a comprehensive training "grid" which has enabled us to train more people faster, and increase employee confidence, engagement and ultimately retention. Thank you, Priscilla!