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Hi, I'm Priscilla Hansen Mahoney

If you are looking to partner with a Business Strategist who knows what it's like to put in long hours with sweat on your brow, and mud on your boots... you are in the right place.

I know what it feels like to be stressed and overwhelmed running a small operations business.  I know what it's like to clock in before the sun comes up and go home to eat a cold supper long after the sun goes down.  I also remember what it was like to lay awake at night fretting if we were going to make payroll, or where our next customers were going to come from.  I know how challenging it is to balance personal and professional responsibilities, I've been in your boots.  I get it.

I established Blazing Trails Coaching™ after working over 20 years in small to mid-sized service companies, helping the owners and leadership teams market, grow, and manage their businesses.

My focus is to help create systems and strategies that enable you to replicate success and up-level your business. Whether you are a team of one-hundred or a team of one - having a plan, being prepared, and being profitable is the key to success.  

I have worked hands-on in several trades and services businesses so I really get what your days are like! You probably feel too busy to slow down and give your business strategies a serious look, but that is precisely what you need to do if you want to stop running in circles and start feeling successful!  PLUS - your time is valuable - you need simple systems that are fast and easy to implement, and help you replicate your efforts so you can scale and grow. 

Priscilla Hansen Mahoney, Business Coach, Business Management Coach, Business Consultant, Maine

What if you could FINALLY ...

  • Have a plan for how you will grow and scale your business
  • Market yourself with authenticity to find customers you enjoy working with
  • Manage your cash flow, time, and resources wisely
  • Know where your next clients are coming from
  • Hire, retain, and engage great employees who share your companies vision
  • Elevate and train employees to leadership positions with ease and consistency
  • Be able to go on vacation (and not check your phone obsessively)
  • Eat dinner (at a reasonable hour!) with no interruptions
  • Feel retirement is part of your future
  • Get out of your pickup truck and on top of your business


Industries I work with:

Construction and Building Trades

Construction/Construction Management
Home Improvement Services
Welding / Machinery Services

Property Management Services

Landscaping / Lawn Care / Pest Control Services
Moving and Storage
Painting / Siding / Roofing Services
Plumbing / Heating / HVAC
Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services

Public Services

First Responders
Public Safety
Registered Maine Guides / Wilderness Guides


What People Are Saying About Blazing Trails Coaching

Priscilla worked with our company to facilitate our discovery of our core values and to design a comprehensive training program for our front-line staff. With Priscilla's help, we were able to find our seven core values and engage the entire staff in defining and adopting them. With training, we have been left with a series of training modules as well as a comprehensive training "grid" which has enabled us to train more people faster, and increase employee confidence, engagement and ultimately retention. Thank you, Priscilla!


We have been working with Priscilla, of Blazing Trails Coaching, for approximately two years, and with her help, we have made huge strides in the direction we wanted to go. Our company culture and professionalism have improved dramatically since we started our coaching sessions. We have also improved our safety and training program, along with laying out the structure and functions of all positions within the company. I would say we have taken the company to the next level. I would highly recommend her coaching services.



Priscilla worked with our company to help create processes, policies, and procedures so we could train employees to follow the company standards of quality service and expectations.  Our company has grown over 40%, we have added 50% more workforce, and have created new positions such as Operations Manager, Sales Manager, and front office administrative assistant.  As the owner of the company, I used to be involved in every aspect of the day-to-day administrative and operations functions.  Since we worked with Priscilla, I have been able to train and trust my leadership team, place more responsibility on the team leaders, and refocus my energies on strengthening the business and developing new opportunities for sales and growth.