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Property Management Services

Landscaping / Lawn Care / Pest Control Services
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Priscilla worked with our company to facilitate our discovery of our core values and to design a comprehensive training program for our front-line staff. With Priscilla's help, we were able to find our seven core values and engage the entire staff in defining and adopting them. With training, we have been left with a series of training modules as well as a comprehensive training "grid" which has enabled us to train more people faster, and increase employee confidence, engagement and ultimately retention. Thank you, Priscilla!


Priscilla worked with our company to help create processes, polices and procedures so we could train employees to follow the company standards of quality service and expectations.  Our company has grown over 40%, we have added 50% more work force, and have created new positions such as Operations Manager, Sales Manager, and front office administrative assistant.  As the owner of the company, I used to be involved in every aspect of the day-to-day administrative and operations functions.  Since we worked with Priscilla, I have been able to train and trust my leadership team, place more responsibility on the team leaders, and refocus my energies on strengthening the business and developing new opportunities for sales and growth.

Priscilla was able to through her insighful questions help us to see more clearly that we were not utilizing our time effectively in our business which is inconsistent with many other areas of our life.  She helped us pinpoint our target market and we realized we were spending time addressing low yield market targets rather than being focused on the optimal target.  Her style is very conversational and relaxed so it is fun working with her and we learned a lot about how to be effective in reaching our target market and which tools are most effective to do so.  We highly recommend Priscilla for any business who needs a clear, concise plan for reaching their ideal customers.