How to Establish Succcessful Routines for Your Small Business

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Core Values to Guide You to Your Goals

When I first started my business - I scoured Google searching for the *perfect* checklist that would help me establish daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly routines.  Of course, I found thousands of suggestions, but nothing *quite* fit - so, I did what I've always done - I created my own standard operating procedures, and I documented them.  I've shared this template with my clients, who have all found it to be extremely helpful when establishing their own routines, and now, it's my gift to you.  Simply subscribe to my mailing list using the form below, and the template is yours!  But wait! There's more!  You'll also receive a Free Trello Board Template

Establishing routines will help you free up valuable mind space that is required by leaders for quick thinking, decision-making, and troubleshooting.  You'll be able to delegate with greater ease and preserve vital energy and cognitive function for higher-level work.

Having strong organizational routines will allow you to create consistent results, reduce stress, build habits, and save time, money, and resources. 

How to Establish Routines for Your Business:

  • MAKE the time.  Often, we feel we don't have time to establish routines such as "reviewing yearly goals" or "backing up your hard drive" - but in the long run, these routines are designed to SAVE you time in the long run.  Download the "Routines for Successful Entrepreneurs" Template, and schedule each routine into your calendar.
  • Be Flexible.  When scheduling your day, week, month, even year - allow for "white space" - unscheduled time where you can either get caught up, take a breather, or focus your attention on unplanned activities.  Allowing yourself this space to breathe, reflect, and play (yes! play) will prevent you from going into "reactive mode" instead of "proactive" mode. It will also prevent unnecessary burnout and stress.
  • Practice makes progress.  Don't expect to be able to sit down one day to create a routine, and then perfectly execute it the next day.  Setting up, establishing, and enacting new routines takes time.  I recommend carving at least a week or two to document the routines you want to establish.  From there, practice weaving your new habits into your day.  Set reminders, visual cues, or even establish rituals to remind yourself of your new commitments. Consistently check back in with yourself and modify your routines as needed.
  • Use a System.  There are many great online and paper systems to help you organize and establish your schedule.  The trick is finding one that works for you.  There is a myth that you need to choose either a paper or digital system, when in fact, most people use a hybrid of both.  Having ONE central place where you organize, put, and pull your data is key to having a system that works.  I highly recommend Trello, but many people use their own Client Management systems or other platforms.  Some folks still use old fashioned notebooks and planners.  Test the various options, taking in consideration your current habits.

Lastly  - make your routine YOURS.  Make it FUN.  Have some laughs.  Schedule in time for enjoyment, rewards and recreation.  Besides - all work and no play... well, you know how that goes... 

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