This is your opportunity to do a DEEP DIVE into your business strategy, and come out with a M.A.P. (Motivational Action Plan) that gives you direction, focus, and maximizes your businesses earning potential.

This program includes:

  • A "Business Model Canvas Walkthrough" online prep-course - to prepare you for your strategy session, get your creative thoughts flowing, and help you get the most of our time together.
  • A TWO HOUR VIP INTENSIVE - where we will create your ONE PAGE business plan utilizing the Business Model Canvas.  (designed by Alex Osterwalder / Creative Commons License -
  • A personalized ACTION PLAN  - that you can implement right away to get you the clients you want, deliver the value you promise, and get the referrals you need to help you Grow, Profit and Succeed in your business!

During this two-hour VIP INTENSIVE you will:

  • identify your ideal target market - as well as methods to attract new business
  • isolate the core problem your clients are facing
  • identify the solution your services offer
  • develop enticing value proposition statements that are attractive to your clients and key partners
  • gain a deeper understanding of WHO you serve, WHY you are valuable and HOW to be in the right place, at the right time, in front of the right people!

This program will save you time, money, and valuable resources - because without a good M.A.P. (Motivational Action Plan) - you can waste a lot of time walking around in circles!! 

What People Are Saying About Business Mapping Strategy Session

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I've met many of business coaches in my time, and have met very few that would be the fit for me. Someone challenging, savvy, smart, and above all someone I can trust to hold me accountable. After one business mapping strategy session with Priscilla Hansen Mahoney I realized that this was that person who new her stuff and I could both do business with and refer to my colleagues. Priscilla tells it like it is, and truly partners in the success of her clients future!


We attended a Business Mapping Strategy Session with Priscilla. As a fairly new Accounting Consulting practice we had a vague idea of where we were headed but after Priscilla's session we had laser focus on exactly who our market was going to be and what we needed to do to go after it. The session flew by, and before we knew it we were done and wanting more. I would highly recommend Priscilla to any new business that needs help focusing on core markets, coming up with a business strategy, and an execution plan.

Priscilla is a brilliant coach. She pulls things out of me that I had no idea where inside of me. I started with her Business Mapping session, where she helped me map out every aspect of my business. I have been in business for 11 years and wish I had met her back then! Although, I did meet her at a great time as I am restructuring. She set me on a clear path and definitely held me accountable!

My next step with her was the Customer Mapping Journey. What an incredible exercise! She helped me to not only identify my ideal client but also understand what they are feeling and doing all while giving me strategies on how to reach and serve them.

Priscilla is a great listener and very patient. There were times when I just didn't have answers and instead of telling me what she thought she would ask careful questions that prompted many an AHA moment for me. If you are looking for a business coach to bring your business to the next level I highly recommend Priscilla.