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I help contractors get out of their pickup trucks and on top of their businesses!

As a Certified Professional Coach, my mission is to equip skilled trade contractors and their teams with practical business, leadership, and communication solutions to drive growth, increase profits, and achieve success.

WHY?  I grew up on a family farm (a rutabaga farm!) then dived into business management, and spent most of my adult life managing lawn and landscape businesses. Most of my friends are in the skilled trades, and I have to say, I've got a soft spot for the blue-collar industry—it's what makes the world go 'round. Plus, I've had my stint climbing the corporate ladder. In those years, I figured out what makes a company tick and what can bring it crashing down. I'm here to share all those lessons, skills, tools, and resources with you in a down-to-earth, attainable way.

Experience that matters:

My training, certifications, and experience have equipped me with a toolbox of skills and resources to help my clients achieve their goals, no matter what stage of business they are in - seed stage, growth, expansion, scaling, or succession.   I am skilled in Six Sigma and lean systems management, project management, organizational, workforce and leadership development, business modeling, process development, documentation, and implementation.  

  • More than 25 Years Business Management Experience in the Trades Industry
  • 15 Years Coaching, Consulting, and Training - Blazing Trails Coaching, LLC founded in 2009
  • Created millions of dollars of growth for clients
  • Thousands of businesses, leaders, workforce, and communities impacted

A little bit about me...

Throughout working together, we will get to know each other pretty well - on a business level.  But ever wonder who's really behind the business strategy, leadership training, and employee engagement knowledge?  In no particular order, here are some random facts about me:

Priscilla Hansen Mahoney, CPC

Furmom: I am absolutely obsessed with my dogs. Any dog will capture my attention, and if there's a dog on your worksite, consider my focus lost temporarily. I promise to regain composure, but furry friends are simply irresistible.

Happily Ever After: I was once a skeptic about fairy-tale endings, but not anymore. I am married to the love of my life, and our journey together has turned me into a firm believer in happily ever afters.

Heart in Rangeley Maine: My heart and soul find solace in Rangeley, Maine. The most beautiful memories of my life took place in the mountains with the breeze and the smell of pine as my witness.

Rutabaga Roots: I grew up on a rutabaga farm, the largest distributor in the Northeast. Handwork, dirt, mud, sweat, blood, and tears were the elements of my upbringing. I have a deep reverence for agriculture and manual labor.  Yes, I can drive a tractor. Can I take yours for a spin?

Registered Maine Guide: At the age of 10, I discovered a family legacy of guiding. Though the process is more rigorous now, I became a Registered Maine Guide, using guiding principles in my coaching. Trust me, you won't get lost or injured under my watch.

Knotty Girl:  My hobby is fly-tying, a skill I learned from a local legend, Bob Bibeau at the age of 10. Rangeley-style streamers are my favorite flies to tie. Check out my creations at

Dive Right In: I learned to swim by necessity - when my life preserver fell off in the deep end. I made it to the edge of the pool by kick-kick-kicking and that lesson shaped my outlook on jumping in, figuring things out, and succeeding as long as I keep kicking.

Porta-Potty Phobia: My biggest phobia is outhouses and porta-potties. A childhood trauma of being locked inside one has left me scarred. If a job-site porta-potty is a necessity, I'll hold it until the next Dunkin Donuts, thank you very much.

Will the real Priscilla please stand up? I know the terrifying experience of stand-up comedy and humorous speaking... firsthand.  One of my favorite things in this life is humor and the magic that happens when I create laughter and levity.  No worries, I am humble enough to know I am not the funniest person in the room, but using humor to crack the human code has been a grand experience for me.

My Core Values

In my world of business and decision-making, I'm guided by a set of core values that serve as the bedrock of everything I do. These principles aren't up for negotiation; they're the steady compass of my professional ethos.

Blazing Trails Coaching Core Values

Safety & Security:

Physical: It's all about keeping people safe and sound. Implementing measures and protocols to make sure everyone's in a safe and secure environment.

Emotional: Building a workplace culture that's got heart, trust, and empathy – a place where people feel safe emotionally, like a tight-knit crew.

Financial: I'm all about financial security. Making wise financial decisions, providing stability, and making sure the financial health of the team is rock solid.


Economic: Committing to economic sustainability – making smart financial choices, growing the economic side of things, and ensuring the long-term financial health of the business.

Environmental: We're talking eco-friendly operations, resource conservation, and a commitment to minimizing our impact on the environment.

Social: Doing our part for social sustainability – jumping into community development, pushing social responsibility, and embracing practices that bring people together.


Environmental: Taking care of the environment, adopting eco-friendly practices, and participating in conservation efforts. It's about leaving the world a bit better than we found it.

Community: Responsibility for the community's well-being – getting involved in community initiatives, supporting local causes, and making our community resilient.

Spiritual: Recognizing the interconnectedness of all things, making ethical decisions, and caring about the broader human experience.

Servant Leadership:

Ethical: Leading with a good dose of ethics, integrity, and a moral compass that points true north in all business and leadership decisions.

Elevate Others: Practicing servant leadership by putting the growth and success of others front and center – it's about empowerment, mentorship, and supporting the folks in the trenches.

People-centric: Putting people at the heart of leadership, appreciating their unique contributions, creating a supportive and inclusive workplace, and making decisions that prioritize the well-being and growth of individuals. It's about recognizing that it's the people who make the whole thing go 'round.

Blazing Trails Coaching Vision


Envision a future where owning a service-based business in the skilled trades is not only more financially rewarding but also highly coveted and sustainable, restoring financial independence to Main Street.


To equip skilled trade contractors and their teams with practical business, leadership, and communication solutions to drive growth, increase profits and achieve success.

Blazing Trails Coaching Mission

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