Helping Maine Business Owners M.A.P. Out Their Plans

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And having a blast doing it!

I have to admit – sometimes, I have so much fun working with clients, I have to pinch myself.  I have been offering 2-hour business building sessions this summer, and I have to say – the transformations I have seen with these entrepreneurs is amazing!

Business Model Canvas
A business model canvas created for a client

OK, maybe I’m a little crazy because I get excited when it comes to business plans – but this is so much more.  I get to work with people to plan out their dreams, businesses, life styles.  I also help them identify the specific problems they help their customers solve – and watch their faces light up when they realize what a gift they give to their clients.

The session starts with a Business Strategy Mapping Session Prep Course.  This is a chance to dig deep and take the time to access where you are now, and where you want to be.  Once the coursework is complete, we set aside two hours to roll up our sleeves and get to work.  We identify strengths, weaknesses, and motivation.  From there, we assemble their own Business Model Canvas – a one-page business plan that they can use to start trekking towards success, profitability, and financial freedom.  I think the best part of this session is the look of relief I see on their faces when they see an actual business plan materialize right before their eyes.  For some clients, it’s the first time they’ve seen their business model and plans written out on paper.

One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is not having a written business plan.  The reasons for having a business plan are numerous. It helps you clarify your objectives, set goals, and create strategies  It helps you communicate your goals and objectives with your teams, key partners, and even your spouse or significant other.  It helps you make financial decisions such as “Should I hire another employee?”  or “Should I buy a new piece of equipment?”   A written plan also helps you focus on the “low hanging fruit” of your business, as well as diversify into new products or services.  It also saves you time by identifying unprofitable or energy-draining activities.  With so many reasons to have a business plan – why don’t business owners have one?

Because they are too complicated.  They take time to put together.  And people don’t think they really need them.   My response to that is, how is that working for you?

I understand that a 30-page document that asks about capital gains, investments, profit margins, and competitive analysis can be daunting, but being overwhelmed and stuck should not prevent you from creating and working with one of the most powerful documents that propel you forward on the path to success and profitability.  But let’s take that 30-page document, and condense it down into something easy to use and beneficial.

Just as when you are planning a thru-hike or an expedition, you need certain tools to make the journey easier to navigate and more enjoyable. You need a M.A.P – (Motivational Action Plan)  a Compass, and a Guide.   In my Business Strategy Session, I walk you through the steps it takes to put together a comprehensive plan for you and your business.  I take into account that you have a life, and I help you build your business goals around your lifestyle.  I also help you identify any low-hanging fruit that would yield an immediate return on your investment of time, energy, and money.    I combine my tools – the Daily Compass and Motivational Action Plan – with the Business Model Canvas to create a powerful, comprehensive action plan that you can use in your business right away.

Check out what one of my clients had to say:

Priscilla is very insightful and helpful in guiding us to approach our business in a more strategic and effective manner.  Through her questionnaire we provided information to her in advance so that Priscilla was prepared with specific questions to address our business and our unique needs.  She is extremely effective at blending our overall life goals with our business goals to ensure that they are in harmony with one another.  In our session Priscilla was able through her insightful questions to help us to see more clearly that we were not utilizing our time effectively in our business which is inconsistent with many other areas of our life.  She helped us to pinpoint our target market and we realized we were spending time addressing low yield market targets rather than being focused on the optimal target.  Her style is very conversational and relaxed so it is fun working with her and we learned a lot about how to be effective in reaching our target market and which tools are most effective to do so.   – Bob Stalilonis, President, Be Well Solutions

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