The Five “C’s” of Confident Leaders – Part 5

Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming. John WoodenGood Morning Trail Blazers!  Here we are to the final part of this five part series “The Five C’s of Confident Leaders.  To recap, the five C’s are essential elements that confident leaders have that makes people want to naturally follow their instruction, and they feel like they are in good hands in their presence.  In my experience, they are all skills that can be honed, strengthened and mastered.


Capability and credibility swim in the same stream… but in this case, capability is how YOU feel about your own strengths as a leader.  Do you have all the skills and training you need to lead your team?  If not, where can you gain more education and knowledge.  A confident leader is continually learning.  Their “toolbox” of skills, knowledge and personal experience is brimming.  When you walk into a situation that you need to take charge in without the right tools or training, your confidence takes a hike.  Take an inventory of your skill set, and write down anything that you feel is missing.  What small step can you take to add to your experience?  Take a class? Join a speaking group? Attend a lecture?  The more capable you feel, the more confident you are, and capability comes from knowledge and experience Capability is not learned, it’s earned.

To recap, the five C’s of Confident Leaders are Character, Control, Consistency, Credibility, and Capability.  Which do you feel the strongest in?  Which do you feel you could use some work? Write it down.  Then write down one step you are going to take today to build your strength in that area.  Before you do anything else today, do that one small step.  Might be picking up the phone and asking someone to mentor you.  Might be posting your “office hours” on your door and having a chat with your family.  Take constant, confident strides in the direction of your dreams…. you will summit before you know it.
Until then – Hit the Heights!

Priscilla Hansen Mahoney, CPC
The Natural Leadership Guide

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