The Five “C’s” of Confident Leaders – Part 4

IntegrityHey Trail Blazers – Hope you got out and had some adventures this weekend.  If you’ve been following along, you know that I’ve been posting a blog series “The Five C’s of Confident Leaders…. essentially – what makes a confident leader tick.  If this is your first time here, be sure to read up on Part 1 – Character, Part 2 – Control, and Part 3 – Consistency.




Credibility on the onset may sound like something that we as leaders would naturally have.  However, some concerns I hear from new business owners and leaders are “I’m just starting out – Why would anyone follow (buy from, hire) me?”  Or, “I have no fancy degrees, I’m just an average Joe, what makes me so special?”  The answer is – credibility.  The art in making people believe in you.  Credibility isn’t about you – it’s about making people comfortable and confident enough to work with you.

We are all good at what we do – but does anyone else know it?  A confident leader reassures their followers by reminding them of why they are qualified to lead, and that they are in good hands.  This can be challenging to those of us who aren’t comfortable “tooting our own horn.”  How can you list all your credentials without sounding like a braggart?  This is when we fall back to character and the art of story telling.  As I listened to our Maine Guide Training class instructor tell us stories about rescuing lost people on mountain ridges and in less-than-desirable conditions, I felt at ease training with him.

A good story puts people at ease, and helps them get to know you better.  A confident leader leads with stories.  Stories that tell their followers who they are, why they are here, what their vision is, and what their values are.  Your stories should be part of your bio on your website, your introduction to your services, and your reason why people should follow you, buy from you, or work with you.  What good stories do you have to tell, that lends to your credibility, that makes you more trustworthy and endearing?

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