Day 30 – Creating Your Motivational Action Plan – Signal for Help

SOSI’ll never forget a camping trip I took with friends a few years back.  A group of us always got together for an annual camping trip, and we all rented sites close to each other, and set up one site in the middle as a “community kitchen.”  During the day we hiked, kayaked and fished, and at night, our friend Dee who was an amazing cook dazzled us with her culinary creations.  We sat on picnic tables we placed together in a long row, and enjoyed each others company as we joked, laughed and shared old stories.  One such time, Dee made her famous BBQ chicken, and as we were laughing and listening to our friend Bob recant a hilarious story of being chased by a goose, I noticed the girl next to me become very quiet.  Suddenly, she flopped into my lap. ” Chrystal!” I yelled, and everyone stopped eating and laughing and looked at us.  I jumped up and checked her – she wasn’t breathing.  I jumped up on the bench of the table and grabbed her and attempted the Heimlich maneuver but I was too short, and she was already unresponsive and limp.  I looked behind us and saw a bunch of men sitting around a campfire behind us and yelled for them.  One of the men leapt up, ran over and grabbed Chrystal by the waist and thrusted his arms up her abdomen.  Miraculously she started coughing and breathing.  Turns out, the men were volunteers on the local fire department, and were trained for such emergencies.

While she was recovering, we asked her why she didn’t say anything as she was choking.   She said she was “too embarrassed” and didn’t want to cause a fuss – we were all having a great time laughing and sharing stories, she didn’t want to interrupt.

Summon your courage – don’t let embarrassment be your assassin. – Signal for help.  

What does this have to do with being a business owner who is creating a Motivational Action Plan?  So many times I see business owners get overwhelmed, overloaded, and drown because they don’t signal for help.  They put on a facade that everything is ok – when asked “How’s business?” their answer is “Great!” When in reality, they aren’t sure how they are going to make their next payroll, or how they are going to meet all the commitments they have, or where their next client is going to come from.  Don’t be that business owner.  Learn how to signal for help.

How do you signal for help, and save your dignity?

Know the warning signs –  While most of us know when we are choking, we may not recognize other subtle signs of when we are facing overwhelm, fatigue or burnout.  We, as humans live on two sides of a polarity -“being” and “doing.”  When we are doing, we are productive, moving forward, and achieving goals.  When we are “being” we are reflective, introspective, our creative juices flow, and we feel rested.  Obviously, we need a balance of both.   If we spend too much time on the “doing” polarity -we feel agitated, rushed, and even resentful and stuck.  If we spend too much time “being” we feel under-accomplished, passive, or like failures.  Learn to recognize when you are spending too much time on either side of the polarity by writing down some warning signs  (example – “when I am overwhelmed or spending too much time “doing” I don’t make good food choices.”)

Establish a signal that will be heard – There is so much noise in the world today, and we expect our partners, families and friend to hear us when we signal for help.  Because of the background noise in our lives, you might summons the courage to signal and they don’t hear you.  This can cause resentment, and a feeling of feeling unloved or unsupported.  Take ownership and personal responsibility.  Your family and friends are not mind readers.   Share with them your list of warning signs, and agree before hand to a pre-established signal.  MyHubby and I signal by saying “I need you to hear me… ”  and we know that is a signal to stop and listen on a deeper level.  For a colleague or co-worker you may want to establish “lets get coffee” or “can we schedule a meeting.”  Establish before hand what your signal is, and what you need from them when they hear your signal.

Listen for others signals  – Not all your friends, family and colleagues read my blog (but be sure to share this with them!) … so train yourself to pick up on a signal for when someone you love or work with is going off the trail.  Send a signal to them letting them know you are there – a note, a card, a phone call.  A good guide brings others along on their adventures, so be sure while you are striving for your goals, you are in good company, and being good company.  As a business owner, build a strong support team that is willing to come to your rescue, and you to theirs  – Don’t leave it to chance that you will be camped next to trained professionals.

To learn more about Polarity Coaching, please contact me to schedule a Mapping Session – it could save your life!

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