Day 11 – Creating Your Motivational Action Plan – Peak Bagging

Reach for a higher summit A question I am often asked by clients is:  “Can I work on more than one goal at a time using my M.A.P.?”  Yes, and No.  You can work on smaller goals that will get you to your “Everest” – those are what we call “Way-Points” – but as my Dad used to say, you can’t drive two tractors at the same time.  Focus is key while making your approach to your goals.  This doesn’t mean that if your Everest is to start a business, that you can’t eat right and get activity at the same time, but to be most effective and successful, I recommend focusing on one major goal at a time.   In hiking, we call this “peak-bagging.”  working methodically through a list of goals and challenges until each one is conquered.

But – I want to lose weight, start a business, and write a book at the same time – why can’t I do that?  You can, you ambitious Trail Blazer, you!  But you are only going to be traveling down ONE trail at a time.  The name of your trail might be called “the road to being a fit author”  What would the worlds healthiest author look like?  What habits would she have, and what trails would she choose to travel?  Starbucks pastries during all day writing sessions at the coffee shop are probably not the path you choose…. that trail is not on your M.A.P.

That being said, there are skills that you will gain each time you bag a peak that you can use to bag your next one, that will make each journey to the top easier and faster.  The first summit you set your sights on might take you a while to conquer.  The second one, you will find ways of making your load lighter, you will find more efficient ways to the top.  You will be more disciplined, and have more endurance.  Each summit you bag, you will feel more confident, and be able to transfer skills you learned on your previous conquest to bag your next peak.  But take it one step at a time.

How do I know which peak to bag first?  Which of my list of goals is a priority?  Life is a thru-hike.  You need to have strength, endurance and resources to make it.  My recommendation is to bag the peak that will gain you the most spiritual health, physical health and financial wealth first.  If you need help putting together a peak-bagging list and prioritizing your journey and setting your way-points – contact me.

Until tomorrow – Hit the Heights!

Priscilla Hansen Mahoney
The Natural Business Leadership Guide
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