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missed deadlineHuh.  It’s October 31st, and while I had pledged to write every day in the month of October (to be clear, that would have been 31 posts on this topic) … I posted eight (well, nine – if you count today) times.   Reflecting on the month, and how swiftly it went by -I am not disappointed by my accomplishments however.  I did write every day -I wrote the workbook for the Off the Clock class that was a HUGE hit (so much so, we are holding it again on November 12th), I wrote several coaching summaries for my clients, and I wrote my new marketing plan, updated my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as often as I could.

Missed deadlines and goals are a part of the game when working full time for someone else and running your own business, after all, a big chunk of our time is commissioned to someone else.  While I missed my personal goal of posting a blog every day – I was pretty near successful in every goal (and my boss required me to hit) this month.  But, there is still a part of me that want’s to freak out a little about pushing my own stuff back.

What you do when your boundaries get pushed,  and your work takes the back seat causing you to miss a deadline?

DON’T HAVE A FREAK OUT – A lot of time gets wasted ruminating about what never was.  Panic also squashes creativity.  Instead, take a deep breath, go for a walk, and decide what you can do to pick up the pieces.  Can you make a new deadline? Create a smaller version of the larger project?  Hold the project for another launch date?  Think of the work you did and how to reuse it – don’t scrap everything!

KEEP GOING – Most of the time, deadlines are self-imposed.  For instance, I can still write 31 posts regarding the topic of working full time and having a side-business – and I probably will.  I may even turn my series into an ebook (won’t that be fun?) … and there I go again, creating another project, with another deadline.   Your creations will be ready when they are ready – and just like cookies from the oven, your audience is anticipating them, and will gobble them up when you present them.

MOVE ON – This is a little harder, because it requires forgiveness – believe me, forgiving myself is one of my weak points. But it’s necessary to let things go.  If you spend so much time lamenting about your last missed deadline – you might miss the next one.  Remember -you are creating something good! Your life is supporting your dream!  It might take a little longer to reach the summit because you have a longer trail to hike – but the view is worth it!  Now, get moving – Your Mountain is Waiting!


In the meantime – hit the heights and be excellent!
Priscilla Hansen Mahoney
Blazing Trails Coaching
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This article is part of the #write31days challenge for October 2015. To catch up on the whole series – click HERE.


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