Master Your Time on Social Media – So you have #HaveAdventures

manage social mediaIt’s the question I get asked over and over again…. “How do I find time to be on social media?” (and take care of my business, my family, live my life, etc, etc, etc, etc”

My first question is “What role does social media play in achieving your business goals?”  Sometimes, I am met with stares and a chorus of crickets on that one.  The answer to this question is important because if social media plays a significant role (like, you have an online retail shop, or are a blogger) then the time you invest needs to be heavily budgeted.   If your business is service related or you have a brick and mortar shop – your social media budget might be lighter.

Did you say “Budgeted?”  YES.  Budgeted.  Time is as (if not more) valuable as money.  You need to know what kind of return on investment you are getting from that hour you are spending on a Twitter Chat, or in a Blab room.  What are you getting in return for your time?  Seek a return on your investment in the form of the following currencies – time, money, reputation, education, goodwill. So, the next chat you sign up for, or hour you spend on Facebook – ask yourself  “What currency am I gaining from my time spent here today?”

“But, I’m just on Social Media for the friendships” ….  Great!  Then schedule social media on your calendar just as you do your social engagements with friends and family.  As a business owner, you set your own office hours.  You have the flexibility of being your own boss, but you also have the responsibility of being your own employee.  If you had an employee who did nothing but mingle on SnapChat and Facebook all day (with no benefit to the company) … how long would that person remain employed by you?  [Tweet “If friendships is your strategy for social media – do it on your off time.”] If your intent on social media is to gain one of the five currencies listed above, then you need a business strategy.

“How do I get a business strategy?”  A business strategy doesn’t have to be complicated – in fact, the simpler the strategy, the better.    Remember – in order to grow your business – you need the right M.O.V.E.S.

Solution (to your market’s problem)

Chances are, if you are implementing the right M.O.V.E.S into your social media strategy, the time you spend on each platform will be considerably more effective.

If you would like to find out what the right M.O.V.E.S.  are for your  business – contact me for a FREE 20 minute business strategy session!







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