LEAP! And the DEBT will appear!

I CRINGE when I hear people give folks the advice of “Leap! And the net will appear!” … especially to doe-eyed, newly minted entrepreneurs who are desperate to make things happen.

Here’s the deal. If you leap without making sure you have a safety net, a plan B, a solid PLAN in place – you go SPLAT. There’s no magical flock of bluebirds that’s going to swoop in with a net to save your crazy ass. It’s called suicide.

You see, I had a coach give me that advice about 6 years ago. My husband (fiance at the time) just experienced a financial setback. He had been in the hospital for a month, and then had about 8 weeks of recovery at home. In the meantime, my fledgling business coaching practice came crumbling down as I canceled and referred out my clients and mastermind groups. My pipeline dried up as I missed networking meetings and lead generation opportunities, and my website collected, well… cobwebs.

Amazingly, by the Grace of God, I was offered a full-time job at the place I was working part-time. The job was within my skill set, it paid very well, and would be the vehicle for my new husband and me to crawl out of debt and get back on our feet again. Just one problem … I was afraid I would have to give up my coaching practice and all I had worked for if I picked up a 9-5. (plus, because I was offered a managerial position)

I asked a coach what to do. Her advice – “LEAP! and the net will appear!!! Priscilla, if you put in 100% of your time, energy and effort into your coaching practice, doors will start to open for you, and your practice will flourish!”

WOW! That sounded amazing! I’m going to do it! I’m going to quit my part-time job – the one that currently pays our bills, medical expenses, and groceries, and I am going to put all my faith into my fledgling coaching practice. The one that isn’t sustainable, I have no idea where my next clients are coming from and doesn’t provide me a paycheck. I’m just going to take a running start off this cliff and hurdle myself off into ….. DEBT.

I called my mentor in tears. I told him the situation I was in, the choices I had to make, and how scared I was to make the leap. “What am I going to DO Jim?” I wailed…

Jim’s advice – “Wait. Hold Up. Do you mean to tell me there is someone out there who is offering you a job, for the exact amount of money that you and Mike owe in medical debt, in your field of experience … What’s the question again?” I held my breath. “If you ask me,” Jim said, “The leap you need to take is accepting that job, pay off your debts, build your business on the side and don’t look back.” He scoffed and said “Leap, and the net will appear my ass! It’s more like LEAP! and the DEBT will appear! Take the friggin JOB.”

I dried my tears. I took the friggin job. I helped my employer grow his business by 40%. I helped him hire and train his dream team. In the meantime, I wrote out a business plan, a marketing plan, and a customer journey for my business. I doubled my coaching practice. And three years later, I left that full-time job – debt free, and with a sustainable coaching practice that not only pays the bills but also pays me a paycheck.

Step one – build the net.
Step two – Leap.

If you need help building that net – let’s chat.

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