In order to grow, you need to break….

Registered Maine GuideTomorrow I am going to a four-day training course to become a Registered Maine Guide.  I have wanted this designation all my life, and at the tender age of 40 I am finally going for it.  Admittedly, I am a mix of anticipation, excitement and nerves.  Thanks to GPS and technology –  it’s been years since I’ve had to depend on a compass.  While I feel confident in the woods – I am nervous about being put in a “lost person” scenario where it will be up to me, my compass, my training and my instincts to find a “lost person” in the thick woods of Maine.   Yup, I am stepping outside of my comfort zone….. something I encourage my clients to do every day.  Which makes me wonder – if I am stepping out of my comfort zone – then what the heck am I stepping in to?

Our comfort zones are not where we are the strongest.  We stay in our comfort zones because it’s familiar, and predictable – we lay low, we stay still, we are passive and dormant.  There are some benefits to staying in your comfort zone – low anxiety and reduced stress. However, dormant beings, that do not grow, eventually weaken and die.

“Isn’t it interesting how a plant seems like it’s either growing or dying?  Just like a plant, you’re either growing or dying as well.” T.Harv Ecker

All living things must be split open to grow.  When we are conceived, we are just cells – cells that continue to split and break apart until we are fully formed and grown. A chick must crack open it’s shell to grow, and a tiny shoot must break out of it’s seed to grow into a mighty oak, muscle fibers must be torn down in order to build stronger.   In order to grow, you must break first.

baby chick
You need to bust out of your shell to grow.

Next time you feel yourself “breaking”… remind yourself that there is a difference between breaking down, and breaking open.  When you break down, you claim defeat, you mire yourself in self-pity, and you wallow in hurt, shame, stress and disease.

When you break open, you acknowledge that the situation that is putting you under stress is serving a purpose – it is the catalyst for growth.  When you plant a seed, the expectation is for it to break open and send up a shoot.  The shoot is reaching up for water, sun, and nutrients.  We tenderly take care of this new growth by providing adequate water, light and nutrients.    Just like the tender shoot, reach up to grow, and treat yourself tenderly.

Whether you feel like you are breaking under pressure, or breaking out of your comfort zone – the result is the same – you are growing and becoming resilient and strong.

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Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.” ~Brian Tracy


Until then, hit the heights!


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  1. Marquita Herald

    Inspiring article Priscilla and I hope your training course goes well. I love hiking and have walked all over Maui, and trekked through Haleakala Crater half a dozen times. Maine is such a beautiful area I am a tiny bit jealous just thinking about you having the opportunity to enjoy it on a regular basis. Best of luck!

  2. blazingtrailscoach

    Thanks Marquita! While Maine is beautiful, Maui is nothing to sneeze at! I’ve never been to Maui, but I hear that it is Paradise – we hope to visit one day. Thanks for reading, and welcome to the Trail.

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