Day 22 – Create Your Motivational Action Plan – Finish Strong

Finish StrongWelcome to Day 22 of the #Write31Days series.  Ok, if you’ve been following along, you will notice my blog is a little behind, and I haven’t made an entry since October 17th.  Truth is, life happens to me, just as it happens to you.  We all get busy, and have friends, family and obligations that may take us away from our work.   As John Lennon said “Life happens while you are making other plans….”

This past Saturday was a Red Letter day for me – it was our One Year Anniversary celebration of Blazing Trails Coaching Adventures, and we hiked Bradbury Mountain, and had a fabulous time learning about “Creating Your Motivational Action Plan.” with some awesome Trail Blazers.  After the hike, I helped MyHubby (who is a professional DJ) set up for a charity event “Witches Wear Pink.”  By the time I got home that evening, I was exhausted (not to mention, I had to go back at 11pm to help him tear down.)  So, no blogging for me on Saturday.

2014-10-18 09.31.05Sunday was another kind of catch up day.  I wanted to catch up with my husband, catch up on our book-keeping, and catch up on housework.  Again, no blogging that day either.

Monday and Tuesday were coaching and consulting days.  High energy days, and coaching summaries and paper work at night…. you see where this is going.

So, here it is, Wednesday morning, on the 22nd day of the challenge.  I had two choices – I could give up because I missed 4 days, or I could write today  in the hopes of finishing strong.  I choose to finish strong.

How do you get caught up when you fall behind?

Remember that you are a Thru-Hiker who is going the distance – and your mountain is waiting for you. If you miss a few days, a week … heck, even months or years, you can still pick up your pack and keep going – the goal is still there.  Depending on how long you were off the trail, you may need to re-orient yourself and replenish your supplies – but check your M.A.P., grab your Compass – and get moving.

Announce you are back on the Trail  – So many times we try to slither back in, unnoticed, hoping people don’t notice we were gone.  But that is why you fell off the track in the first place.. you didn’t set up your support team.  To prevent falling behind again, contact people you know who will miss you when you are gone.  If your goal is weight loss, contact a buddy at the gym, or a friend who will walk with you, or join a meet-up group.   If your goal is starting a business, contact a coach or a mentor.  If your goal is blogging every day (ahem) – ask your readers to nudge you by leaving comments…. (hint, hint) ….

Pace yourself – Just like you can’t make up time by speeding down the highway (contrary to MyHubby’s belief)  you can’t make up for lost time.  Accept that where you are is where you are supposed to be, and hike out from there.  Set some realistic way-points for yourself, and march steadily towards them.  Celebrate your success when you reach each point.

Thank you for being on this journey with me! Let me know in comments how you are doing on your journey!

Until next time –
Hit the Heights!!
Priscilla Hansen Mahoney
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  1. Rachel

    Thank you! Awesome information and ideas on how to get going again ever if I am a bit disappointed about my progress…

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