Day 7 – Creating Your Motivational Map – Clear the Trail

lofty goalsWelcome to Day 7 of the 31 Day #write31days series – Creating Your Motivational Map.  It’s been quite a week, and if you have been following along in this series – please take a moment to pat yourself on the back -you have done a lot of work to get here.  I promise you, this pre-work will all be worth it.  What you are creating is not a “vision board” – it’s not a list of wishes that you will stare at on a wall every day hoping that you will “manifest it into reality.”  No!  You are creating a map – a list of coordinates, step by step instructions that will get you to what ever goal you choose.

On day four, I told the story of when I was at a cross roads, and my coach pointed me towards my goal, and reminded me of my objectives.  When I came to him, he recognized that my issue was a polarity. Polarities are two equally attractive possibilities that act in tension with each other.  On one hand, I could quit my part-time consulting job and leap so I could work on my struggling business full time…. or, I could accept a full time consulting job, and refuel my resources.  The downfall of my friend was she saw my cross roads as a puzzle that had to be solved, and my coach saw my situation as a polarity that needed to be managed.  He recognized that in order to reach my goals, I needed to clear some trails.

This is where you will begin.  On a large sheet of paper, or on a white board – across the top of the sheet write down your “Everest” that you identified on Day 2. 
On some large stick-it notes or index cards -write down what trails you need to clear before getting on your way.  Do you have some debt to pay off?  Do you have some clutter to clear off your desk?  Write down as many “obstacles” that have been in your way, or may potentially get in your way – one on each card.

Meet me here tomorrow, and we will begin marking the trail.

This is part of my #write31days series – to read earlier entries – click HERE.

Until then – Hit the Heights!
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