Day 6 – Creating Your Motivational Action Plan – 5 Essential Tools You Need in Your Entrepreneurial Survival Pack

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Welcome to day 6 of a 31 day series “Creating Your Motivational Action Plan” – a simple, one page tool that will guide you on your journey to success.  In yesterdays post – I told the story of climbing Mt. Katahdin without my survival pack.  I had no flashlights, no rope, and no large first aid kit.  That climb taught me a valuable life lesson – never go hiking unprepared.  Now, even if I am going on a short hike up an 800′ summit – I pack my survival gear.  I bring my first aid kit, flashlight, rope, a whistle to signal if I am lost, and flagging tape to mark my way if I need to be found.

When I started my coaching practice 6 years ago, admittedly, I struck off painfully unprepared, and it took an experience much like my Katahdin experience to teach me a life lesson.  I have learned that in order to be successful – at anything – you must be prepared, and as an entrepreneur there are some essentials you must carry with you at all times.

Your Sense of Adventure – Entrepreneurship is one of the toughest climbs you will ever make – but also the most rewarding.  The view from the top is spectacular, and there is nothing like the feeling of success.  But sometimes we get caught in the briar patch and get scratched up, muddy, and sweaty.  The climb begins to feel arduous and tedious.  We forget that the work we are doing will result in great reward.  Not bringing your sense of adventure is the equivalent of not bringing enough food and water to fuel your journey..  eventually you will experience fatigue. Refuel by waking up each day and treat each moment like a wonderful adventure.  Never lose your childlike wonder and curiosity.  If you start feeling the journey is no longer feeding your spirit,  be prepared to stop.

Your Financial Health – I often say to people who say they can’t afford to hire a graphic designer, an accountant, an assistant or a coach… you probably can’t afford to be in business.  I know that is harsh, but the truth is, if there is something you need to grow your business, and you can’t afford to pay for it, you need to rethink your business plan, A business built on a shoestring will hang by a shoestring.  Just as I had no business being up on Mt. Katahdin so unprepared, I also had no business starting a business with no financial plan or emergency fund.   If you have debt, get it knocked out BEFORE you strike out on your journey.  Yes, I am encouraging you to hold off on your dream for a little while.  Debt is a distraction.  It is an energy sucker, and it will cause you to make fear based decisions that can be costly for your business.  If you need help getting out of debt, I highly recommend Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Class

A Strong Support Team –  “Only surround yourself with people who are going to lift you higher”  – Oprah Winfrey.   Be sure you have people on your team who not only have the ability to help you, but have the ambition to come to your rescue when needed.  The Ranger on Mt. Katahdin had all the tools we needed to help us off the mountain that night – but he took the initiative to respond to my flashlight blinking.  The best way to build a strong support team, is to be a support system for others.  Volunteer, support and reach out as a mentor and build a supportive community of faithful followers.  Be a beacon of light.

The last two essentials we have covered in previous posts – you need a good compass, and you need a M.A.P.

Tomorrow we will hit the one week mile-marker of this series, and we will start assembling your M.A.P.   Bring your journal, a large white board or poster board, post-it notes and markers.  Until then – Hit the Heights!
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