Day 2 – Name Your Everest

Motivational Action Plan Day 2Good morning Trail Blazers!  If you have found your way here via the #Write31Days challenge -welcome!  I am honored to have you along on this journey.  Yesterday, I introduced the concept of creating a “Motivational Action Plan” – a one page, simple reference guide that you use to get back on track, get motivated, and plot out your goals and aspirations.  Did you write in your journal about your experience in the valley?  If so, good – bring out your journal now so we can continue getting prepared for this thru-hike we call “striving for success.”

Experienced hikers can spend months, sometimes years preparing themselves for thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail or Pacific Coast Trail.  They gather trail information, work on getting their packs as light as they can, dehydrate meals, take classes on map and compass, learn how to dehydrate food, and set up package pickup points along the way.  To be physically and resourcefully prepared for a long journey is important, but more important is to be prepared mentally.

When done correctly and thoroughly, mental preparation for your M.A.P can be the fuel that fans the flame when the going gets tough.  Mental preparedness is the difference between finishers and quitters.  Coming back to this exercise when doubt fills your mind, or fatigue plagues your bones is essential will be essential to keeping you on track.  Do not skip this exercise – it is the compass to which you will orient yourself with when you feel yourself getting lost.

Open your journal and write down answers to the following questions:

What goal, when achieved, will impact your life in a big, bold way? (this is your Everest – your ultimate achievement, the summit that defines all summits)

How will your life change as a result of achieving that goal?

What may cause you to get tired, fatigued or discouraged while striving for this goal?

What resources do you have you can call upon when you need strength, support or backup?

Take some time to really write out the answers to these questions, and meet me back here tomorrow. Until then, Hit the Heights!

Priscilla Hansen Mahoney
The Natural Business Leadership Guide

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  1. Mary

    Came across your FB post in 31 dayers. While I’m not a business owner (anymore-I was once) I love your concept. I am a hiker and love how you relate everything to hiking! Great ideas. Keep writing!

    • Priscilla Hansen Mahoney

      Thanks Mary – the great thing about Motivational Action Plans is they aren’t just for business owners – all you need is a goal that gets you fired up! Thanks for coming along on the journey!

  2. Shelby

    Hi! I’m so grateful for 31 Days; otherwise, I might never have found you. I’m going to be eagerly following along in this series and doing whatever work you suggest. I think you might just be the answer to a prayer.


    • Priscilla Hansen Mahoney

      So glad to have you here on the Trail Shelby!!! Let me know if I can assist you on this journey – honored to have you here.

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