The Breeze at Dawn….

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The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.  Don’t go back to sleep.  ~ Rumi

 I’ve never been a morning person.   I have always struggled with being coherent and my mind is muddled in a fog until at least 10am.  I have always had to drink copious amounts of coffee to jumpstart my day, and the thought of being up before the sun would literally make my stomach turn.  But long ago, I heard Dr. Wayne Dyer repeat the quote from Rumi “The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you…” and I was intrigued enough to start setting my alarm at 5:30am each day to find out what secrets the breeze had for me.   At first the breeze told me it was dark out, and I was tired.  After a while the breeze told me it was freezing out, and to huddle underneath a quilt as I sipped my hot strong coffee.  Eventually the breeze began to carry song birds, and the sky would be grey and pink instead of stark black.  And now, as I drink an herbal energy drink instead of coffee, I realized the sun beat me out of bed… and the breeze is telling me I need to start waking up earlier.

I have learned to embrace the morning… it is the one time of the day when I am able to sit in solitude and silence – the only noise around me is the song birds, and the awakening world as it comes to life.  I write my morning pages – reflections of who I am, and who I want to be, and instead of a fog in my head, my mind brightens and comes alive.   Sleeping in is simply no longer an option for me, my internal alarm clock snaps me up out of slumber as the morning breeze whispers “Cilly, wake up…. you don’t want to miss this…”  I stumble out of bed, rubbing my eyes, and still in half slumber… and greet the new day.  The birds are all a chatter like nosy neighbors – chirping amongst themselves like little biddies reporting on every move their neighbors make.  The squirrels hurry to and fro to gather their wares for the day – and get side tracked by a game or two of chase, and the bees have been working for hours making me feel quite lazy as they drone flower to flower with the work ethic that I can only envy as I stand in my pajamas and watch them toil.

Nature is already hard at work, and I haven’t even had breakfast yet.  While what Lao Tzu said

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” may be true …. I know now, that it’s only because nature wakes up pretty darn early. Perhaps that is the secret the breeze at dawn wanted to tell me …

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