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Rain and RelaxationI honestly didn’t care that it was pouring rain outside.  I was sitting in a cabin, on a lake.  I needed this  – to the core of my soul and the depth of my bones – I needed to sit beside a lake today – to write, to read, to ponder.  I needed this break as badly as the dry earth needed this cool spring rain, and I was going to soak up every drop of rejuvenation and drink it in.

MyHoney was DJ’ing a prom in Belgrade Lakes, so I took the opportunity to book us a cabin.  It was off season, and the rates were reasonable – thank God, because I felt like my reason took a fast train to irrational-ville.  We have had a stretch of perfect days – baby blue skies, warm sun with a cool breeze – I’ve never seen such a dry April and beginning of May…. so when we drove further north and it started pouring, it really didn’t surprise me.  Both the Earth and I are going to get our thirst quenched this weekend… 

We pulled into Whisperwood and I fell in love.  Quaint, simple little cabins lined a pristine pond, and tall pine trees nestled around it all.  The rain let up long enough for MyHoney and I to walk down to the waters edge, sit in the Adirondack chairs and breath in the fresh Maine air.  Paradise Found.

Our stay was a short one -we arrived after noontime, and MyHoney had to be at the Community Center to set up for the prom by 6pm…. so in those few hours we sat on the dock, and caught up with each other.  We both realized the whirlpool our lives have become – madly swirling and whirling – with me moving in, and now planning our wedding, not to mention both running our own businesses – it’s been a lot of pressure – we’ve both been feeling it individually, but as we sat on the dock and shared what we have each been going through, the pressure felt lessened.  Odd… our circumstances have not changed.  Our laundry list of to-do’s is still just as long, and our responsibilities have not lessened… so why the change in pressure?

Off the Clock - Start Your Dream Business While working Full TImeAfter MyHoney left to entertain the masses, and I was left alone in the cabin to listen to the rain beat on the roof, and watch the pines darken and take in a long, cool drink… I kept thinking about the relief I felt after sharing my burdens with him…. and how that happens time and time again.  As I sat and listened to the peepers chirp their rain song, I pondered about pressure…. and was whisked back to my 8th grade physics class where we learned that pressure equals force over area.

The force in my life is all the things that are weighing me down – responsibility, stress, deadlines – FEAR.  The area is me – and when I am small, the pressure feels heavier.  I stay small by not sharing, by not growing, by not expanding. When I shared with MyHoney, the pressure changed because now he shouldered the burden with me.  He also helped me grow and expand by giving me some new ideas on how to deal with some of the problems that are cropping up for me right now.   How is it that I never equated this to physics before?  My inner geek jumped up and down in excitement realizing that I DO in fact instantly alleviate the pressure from my clients simply by listening to them allowing them space to expand and grow.  When you share, grow, and expand – physically and emotionally (because our energy IS matter) your surface gets bigger – when your surface is bigger the pressure (all the crap that is weighing you down) lessens – even though the burden remains the same.  In other words, you can handle more… naturally.  Man, physics is awesome!!!

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At midnight, the prom was over, and I drove down to the community center to help MyHoney load up his gear, and we returned to the cabin to listen to the rain pelt the roof, eat sandwiches and drink a well earned beer.  I was able to inhale deeply and noticed my chest felt more expansive and was able to take in a deeper breath.  I felt lighter.  My mood shifted. All I need to alleviate the pressure in my life is to expand.  Expand my horizons… expand my circle … expand my mind – alleviate the pressure.

Off the Clock Moral of the Story – Do not go it alone, you will buckle under pressure.

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