Off the Clock – How I Started, Grew and Sustained my Dream Business While Working Full-Time

Start Your Dream Business While Working Full-Time“Life is either a daring adventure – or nothing at all.” – Helen Keller

I have a picture on my Motivational Action Plan that I look at each day.  It’s a serene mountain, and on it are the words “Get up every morning and remind yourself – I can do this.” – and I do.

The alarm blasts off at 5:30am – some mornings I am energized, I wake up excited for the day… other days – usually after a marathon of working 15 hour days, I struggle, stumble and want to roll over and hit the snooze button…. but I get up anyway.  Why?  Probably for the same reason that a thru-hiker gets up out of their warm sleeping bag and faces harsh conditions to hike another 20 miles that day…. because I have a mountain waiting for me.

Seven years ago, I started out on a thru-hike of a lifetime – I became a business owner.  While I have managed many businesses – including small businesses, and large corporate branches – until now, I had never been in the drivers seat.  Let me tell you, the view is so much different from up here – and the obstacles are many –  it’s a bumpy ride.  A new business is like an infant – it requires a lot of time, energy and resources.  You never stop worrying about the health and vitality of your business, but as it starts to walk and talk on it’s own, it becomes easier and harder all at the same time.  The stages of growth in a business all come with their own challenges – funding and cashflow being the most stressful.  That is why I advise startup entrepreneurs that unless you have a large nest-egg, you should find other ways to fund yourself while building your business – which may mean you need to work full-time.

If working a full time job and launching a business sounds like an adventure you would like to take, follow along on this blog for the next 31 days as I share my story.  You can come back to this landing page (so bookmark it) and I will share stories, mis-steps, mistakes, tears, injuries and re-starts of my own journey – as well as the celebrations, success, beautiful moments and the incredible lessons of strength and endurance I have learned over the last seven years.   This series will be hashtagged with the hashtag #BlazingTrailsOfftheClock – you will be able to follow along with the posts and conversations using that hashtag on other social media platforms.  I am hoping as my full-time employment comes to an end, and as my business blossoms to it’s own full time venture, that by sharing my story you will be daring, brave and bold to take the first step on your own adventure.   Let’s get hiking.

Fear of falling - Accidental Entrepreneur


October 3rd – Accidental Entrepreneur




You think you have time



October 4th – The Day I Officially Starve to Death



burned cookies


October 5th – Leaders, Burn the Effin Cookies!!





Rain and Relaxation


October 6th – Under Pressure




Two Roads Diverged in a Wood and I -



October 7th – The Road Not Taken (YET)




FOCUS - Follow One Course Until Successful


October 8th – SMART Guidelines to Bring Your Side-Business into FOCUS




mark your progress



October 13th – Mark Your Trail To Success



Eeek! What happened?  No worries – I’ll fill in the gaps … meanwhile, read this major announcement:

Blazing Trails Off the Clock


October 24th – Punching OUT




missed deadline


October 31st – Well, That Didn’t Go As Planned…



Filling in the Gaps….
I have so much more I want to add to this series, that I am going to continue the #write31days theme into November, but only post about once a week -so if you are still following along, please keep checking back, or subscribe to my newsletter by filling out the form to the right of the screen.  Thanks Trail Blazers!



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