Day 17 – Creating Your Motivational Map – Conscious Goal Setting

Rock Trail in MaineA few summers ago, I had some extra time on my hands, so I decided to hike part of the Appalachian Trail for a simple day hike.  With a back-pack with my day-kit of a small first aid kit, my compass, a map, and enough food and water for the day, Lexi and I struck out to see what adventures we could find.  The trail started out simple enough, well marked and white blazed.  We had to snake along a few twists and turns, then we started gaining elevation.  The trail turned from pine needle and dirt based to gravel, to rock.  After hiking another half mile, the trail turned into flat rock, where the blazes were painted on the smooth, flat surface.  A couple branches were across the trail, and wondering if there had been a blow-down, I stepped over them, and kept walking.  The trail became predictable, and I started to “zone out” and think about how beautiful the trees were, how lovely a day, and how fun it was that Lexi and I were out enjoying ourselves in the beautiful Western Mountains of Maine.

After another half mile, I started to think to myself “when was the last time I saw a blaze?” I realized that in my daydreaming, I hadn’t been paying attention to blazes.  I sat down, pulled out my map and compass and realized I was off trail.  I decided my best course of action was to double back until I found a blaze.  As soon as I saw the branches across the trail again, I realized what I did.  Some other hikers had left a subtle sign to warn other hikers that the trail no longer followed the rocky path, but diverted off to the right into the woods.  Sure enough I looked down the path that cut from the rock trail, and saw a blaze on a tree.

Sometimes, when we are striving for our goals, we get mindless in our day to day routines.  One day, we wake up, and realize we are significantly off course.  When was the last time I looked at my financials?  When was the last time I took inventory of my resources?  When was the last time I had coffee with people in my network?  When is the last time I came up for air?  So often, we miss our goals because we aren’t consciously checking in, and taking notice of our surroundings or situation.

FOCUSWhen striving for your goals, be deliberate and mindful. You must be consciously aware of your surroundings at all times, and continually check in with yourself.  How is this process working for me?  How are my customers/clients doing – are they happy with the work I am providing?  Are my employees satisfied working here? Is my family getting their needs met?  Are my needs being met?

When we don’t check in, we miss subtle signs that we are off course and headed in the wrong direction.  Today, on your M.A.P, write down some key activities you can do to check in.   Could you send a customer satisfaction survey? Take your employees out to lunch?  Take a friend out for coffee?  Sit down and talk with your spouse about your goals, dreams and adventures.  Take time to check in – stay mindful on this journey – don’t miss the subtle signs.

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5 Responses

  1. Emily

    You know it’s funny I’m reading this today because I was just at meeting and was asked what has worked for me in the past 2 weeks to build my business and I realized that with being consumed with moving I haven’t had much contact with my team or clients. So today I unpacked my binders and made a list of people I’m reaching out to during the week. I couldn’t believe how distracted I got.

    • Priscilla Hansen Mahoney

      It’s so easy to get preoccupied in our own minds isn’t it? Glad you were able to recognize that and make easy, corrective action!

  2. Rachel

    Great post and thanks for sharing your journey 🙂 Your advice to stop and check back is very good, reminder to do often to make sure we are making the best and taking our lives to the highest peak in our journey. thanks

  3. Larissa

    I love this concept of “regrouping” and checking in with yourself and others. I have been taking inventory myself and looking forward to doing some regrouping, in a new home, new state, new environment, and seeing what the rest of this year holds!!! Great post as usual!!

  4. Tiffany

    Great tips, Priscilla! Lots of good questions to ask yourself too.
    I just had a great reminder on the importance of checking in with yourself earlier this week as I was finishing up my 2013 taxes. I couldn’t help see as I went thru receipt after receipt. It was fascinating to look at the activities I did, watch the money come in and go out, the miles I drove, the traveling I did and overall the end result of my first year as an entrepreneur. I loved seeing it! Lots of lessons to be learned, some I’ve already implemented by default, and I got to see first hand the importance of tracking your business by the day, by the week and by the year.
    Now I need to check in with 2014 before any more time passes! And keep doing it regularly.

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