Day 22 – Create Your Motivational Action Plan – Finish Strong

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Welcome to Day 22 of the #Write31Days series.  Ok, if you’ve been following along, you will notice my blog is a little behind, and I haven’t made an entry since October 17th.  Truth is, life happens to me, just as … Continued

Day 16 – Creating Your Motivational Action Plan – On the right track

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  Welcome back to day 16 of the #write31days challenge.  I can’t say I am meeting the challenge 100%… I’ve never posted a blog every single day before, and I am discovering my days are more hectic than I’d care … Continued

Day 10 – Creating Your Motivational Action Plan – Your Mountain is Waiting

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I have very little precious time lately.  I am working full tilt on a project and I have deadlines coming up, and I’ve committed to this #write31days challenge.  Every moment has got to be productive… so when I sat down … Continued